Embrace Yourself: Discover the Power of

Self-Hugging and Boost Your Well-being. 

Sending a tender embrace from the depths of our souls to yours. 

~ April & Manlee

Contained within the digital pages of this E-book is a powerful self-affirmation practice, reminding you of the importance of valuing your unique essence.


The Power of a Hug: When Words Aren't Enough Sometimes, all we need is a comforting embrace to ease our troubles. No words or advice necessary, just the warmth of a hug to uplift us.


Cuddle Your Care: Healing Wounds Unseen

A hug has the power to heal the soul's invisible wounds, like a soothing bandage that brings comfort and relief.


The Strength of an Embrace: Sharing Optimism and Positivity

At times, a warm hug can provide the answer we seek, even without a specific question.

About Manlee & April Chavez

Driven Livin' CEO & Co-Founder

April Chavez, the host of The Wellness Driven Life Show, is an experienced hypnotherapist in addition to her extensive credentials in wellness. Her husband Manlee Chavez, a psychology degree holder with years of performance coaching experience, is also an ideal co-author for writing an e-book on the benefits of self-love through hugging. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this topic, creating a perfect balance for writing on this subject.

Love Yourself!